“The 501-AI works a treat on my Demtec Potting Machine! I want another 501 (for field use) as soon as possible!"

Gary Heyne*
Gary Heyne, Nursery Owner
Heyne's Wholesale Nursery
South Australia

* Note, Gary's photo may be out of date.

“The industry has waited many years for just this applicator. Fast, comfortable and just plain saves money. It’s a no-brainer for any nursery that has to stay efficient and ahead of its competitors.

The Applicator has been running very smoothly! I am happy to vouch for your product as we have found it very productive."

Scott Hill
Scott Hill, Nursery Manager (2006, current)
Colourwise Nursery Pty Ltd
NSW Australia
“Its not just the time saved using the GreenElf product, but overall efficiency, ease of use and accuracy. I know the stock is getting the right dose, I know I now have almost no risk of employee back injury, I know how many pots are getting top-dressed and have the numbers logged every night to prove it. A brilliant product.”

Ian Collins
Ian Collins, Managing Director
Flora Pacific Pty Ltd
NSW Australia
President Director, Pt Flora Pacific
Bali, Indonesia
Founder and Former Owner of
Colourwise Nursery (1984-2004)

More about Ian Collins
"Ian is a grower and a past NGINA (ie Nursery & Garden Industry, NSW & ACT - the NSW NGI association) Board member and a past Vice President. He has also served as a board member of NGIA. His nursery has undertaken some of the most innovative marketing and branding in the industry and has implemented a number of technical innovations arising from the R&D program. He sources product and ideas internationally, trades across most States and has a strong awareness of industry issues at both production and retail."
From the NGIA Web Site

“We invested in early prototypes of this applicator and have used them for over 4 years. We like to think our experience and input has helped develop many key new features. The GreenElf Applicator is just so much faster than all other methods.”

Daniel Ewings
Daniel Ewings, Maintenance Manager
Andreasens Green Kemps Creek Nursery
NSW Australia
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