“Our workers' backs thank you for your efforts!”

Terry Menninger
Terry Menninger, Production Manager
Fisher Farms
Gaston, Oregon USA

"...(we) love our GreenElf, it’s the biggest time and money saving piece of equipment we have purchased in recent years. We are a small nursery employing only 2 people … the Elf effectively doubles our work force for three weeks. And during production, we fertilize all the plants that were potted during the week on Friday … usually a whole day … with the Elf it’s done in about 2 hours.

I would highly recommend the Elf to anyone, not only for the labor savings, but also for the accurate and consistent application of material.”

Gary Katerberg
Evergreen Acres,
LLC Michigan, USA

“One of our employees was able to fertilize over 30,000 one gallon plants in eight hours. Normally (my workers) can do 25-26K shots per day using the GreenElf Applicator and I had doubted that anyone could accomplish better in just eight hours. Admittedly (our worker) was tired at the end of the day’s effort, but it was refreshing to see an achievement that I thought was near impossible!”

Matt Gold
Matt Gold,
R & S Nursery (Gold Hill Nursery)
Oregon, USA

“..the elves are working very well, the guys love using them... (the GreenElf Applicator) has been very effective for us. This season we used two Applicators to do the work that would normally require six of our employees, and we've done it in less time!”

Andy Harding
Andy Harding, Production Manager
Herman Losely & Son, Inc.
Perry, Ohio USA

Herman Losely

More About Herman Losely & Son, Inc.
"Innovation in machinery is the hallmark of this Ohio production nursery.. Herman Losely & Son Inc. in Perry, Ohio, was named NMPRO’s No. 25 Success Story for its innovations in equipment, making production of fieldgrown ornamentals less labor intensive."

'Nursery finds fertilizer solution in Australia'

Article from NMPro (Nursery Management and Production, Wednesday 4th July 2007)

During a nursery tour in Australia, Andy Harding, production manager at Herman Losely & Son, saw a new contraption that really captured his attention. The hand-held device shot slow-release fertilizer into containers quickly and accurately.

Back in the states, Harding ordered the GreenElf to replace the old scoop-and-funnel method for applying fertilizer.

"With the old method, you have to scoop it out, and it might not be the proper amount, and wait for it to drop through the funnel. It's very inefficient," Harding said. "With the GreenElf, you fill it up, point it and pull the trigger. It paces the employee and it's always accurate."

The GreenElf is calibrated to the dose needed. It runs on rechargeable batteries, and an overnight charge keeps it going for a 10-hour work day," Harding said. [GEWs edit: upto 40,000 shots on one charge]

"GreenElf Works, the unit's manufacturer, provides a spreadsheet on its Web site to calculate payback.

"We did the spreadsheet and found it would pay for itself in five days. We couldn't believe it, but when we used it, we knew that was true. It was amazing," Harding said.


For more: Herman Losely & Son Inc., (440) 259-2725

“Total count at this point in time is 255,000, approximately 11 days of use (an average of 23,180 shots per day). We like the unit and the efficiency it has provided in applying granular fertilizers...and thanks again for the great customer service!”

Dave McKinnon
David McKinnon, Owner
McKinnon Nursery
Gervais, Oregon USA

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