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  • IPM Essen Trade Show 2008 - Essen, Germany. [29th November 2007] We will be exhibiting at the Essen show, from Thursday 24th to Sunday 27th January, at the Essen Trade Fair Ground. It is open 9am to 6pm daily.

    "No. 1 worldwide ..... the International Plant Fair in Essen owes this position to the quality and complexity of its exhibitor structure, the high decision competence of its trade visitors, its consistent international orientation and an ambitious, lively supporting programme."

    Come and see us in Hall 3 stand no. '3.0-509'. We are in the corner next to the restaurant. Email Paul for more information about our European visit.

  • CanWest Hort Show - Vancouver, BC, Canada. [30th August 2007] We will be exhibiting at CanWest, from 12th to 13th September, at the Vancouver Convention and Exhibition Center. It is open 11:30am to 6pm daily.

    "For 26 years, the CanWest Hort Show has been the meeting place for buyers and sellers of BC's nursery, floriculture and landscape industry. ...Western Canada's largest horticultural trade show with over 4,000 industry professionals visiting 425+ booths over a 2-day period."

    Come and see us at stand M7. We are in the right hand corner, near the Book Showcase and Cafe. It will be a small stand - so make sure you don't miss us! Email Paul for more information about our Canadian visit.

  • Farwest Show - Portland, OR USA. [16th August 2007] We will be exhibiting at North America's top nursery & greenhouse industry trade show, on next week. The show runs from 23rd - 25th August, at the Oregon Convention Center and is open noon to 6PM daily. There will be 700+ exhibitors from around the globe, and an expected 14,000 visitors.

    Come and see us at stand 0303. We'll be giving demonstrations and talks, and we'll also have an exclusive offer to attendees at the show! Email Paul for more information about our USA visit. If you can't see us at the show, we may be able to see you at your nursery.

  • KW Automation 301 AI Installation [30th May 2007] KW Automation are Australian based horticultural equipment specialists. Recently they installed an Automated 301 GreenElf Applicator for one of their Queensland customers, Tara Valley Nursery. In their latest newsletter they explain the successful setup and the benefits it has given their customer's business. View the PDF newsletter from their website here.

  • ANLA Today Article [10th May 2007] An article appeared in the WNGA (Wholesale Nursery Growers of America) Section of the ANLA Today magazine. It is transcribed from a talk given by one of our customers, Andy Harding of Losely & Sons, Ohio. He talks about the success he has had with their GreenElf Applicator 501 Hand-Held units. Read the full article here.

  • Maximum Dose Increased [6th March 2007] From February 2007 all new GreenElf 501 Hand-Held and Automated models will have a larger dose range. The effective dose range is now 2.5g - 78g (based on Scott's Osmocote Exact). This gives an additional 30 grams on the previous maximum dose. Of course, if you want an even larger dose, just press the trigger twice!

  • Bonjour! [5th March 2007] We're being read in French. We've just uploaded our first translation of this website.

  • Sales Growing in the USA [6th February 2007] We now have customers in many US states, including: CA, CT, FL, GA, IL, KS, NC, OH, OR, MI, MN, MO & WI.

  • A New Year [20th December 2006] As 2006 draws to a close we look back on a successful year since the release of the new GreenElf Applicator production model. We would like to thank all of our customers across the globe for their business, we look forward to finding more solutions for you in the New Year!

  • See us in NMPro Magazine [1st November 2006] Our U.S. advertising campaign begins! Make sure to pick-up your copy of the latest NMPro, a magazine dedicated to nursery management and production.

  • Plastic Accepted [10th September 2006] We now accept Credit Cards, making payments easier especially for our overseas customers.

  • 301 Herbicide Models Released! [8th August 2006] The 301 GreenElf Applicator models (the Red Elves) are now in full production after extensive development and testing. These Applicators, both Hand-Held and Automated models, are designed for applying small doses of herbicides, pesticides and other fine grained/powdered materials. These are ideal for Scotts' Rout and Bayer's Ronstar, and can achieve accurate doses ranging from 0.1g to 3.5grams. This will allow safer material handling, controlled application and faster job completion! More info.

  • New Video and Picture Galleries Online [22nd July 2006] New multimedia content available. View our new Picture Gallery and the new range of PDF Product Brochures. Watch Videos of the Applicator in use, both Hand-Held and Automated Applicators.

  • Bigger the Better! [11th July 2006] The Hand-Held Applicator now has an optional 9.5kg /21.5lb storage tube, almost double the standard tube. Allowing more shots and pots between refills. More..

  • Free Delivery for all Hand-Held Applicators [16th May 2006] This includes Express Courier Delivery World Wide (3-5 business days).

  • Automated GreenElf Applicator Released! [19th March 2006] The Automated Industrial (AI) 501 Applicator is here! This is designed for automated application of fertilizer on potting machines, conveyor belts, moving vehicles and other automated setups. Triggering can be activated remotely by a range of available systems, including boom-lever switch, foot pedal and Inra-Red Beam sensor.

  • Two Year Warranties for All [5th January 2006] We are confidant in the Applicator. Applicable Worldwide.
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